Terms of use

1. General provisions

Before participating in BitQuad investment and affiliate programs, please read this document: by signing up on bitquad.biz, you irrevocably accept this User agreement. Studying this text, you’ll be able to understand what investments with BitQuad are and whether you are ready to participate in the programs offered.

This agreement is concluded between the user of the bitquad.biz website and the limited liability company Bit Quad Limited represented by its CEO, David Harding. The document contains the rules of interaction between the parties, the rules of service for clients and partners, as well as mutual obligations of participants, and other information about the platform operation.

2. Company and business

The limited liability company Bit Quad Limited is officially listed in the Registry of Companies of the United Kingdom and has the necessary certificates for performing fiat and cryptocurrency payments. BitQuad's business includes the design of highly-profitable trading algorithms and robots for crypto-exchange automated trading, as well as searching and macroexamination of global factors affecting the crypto industry.

3. Client

To start earning with us and start investing on BitQuad, the user must be over 18 years old. This is required not only by the current legislation but also by the nature of working on the platform: here, you will have to regularly make deliberate and responsible decisions that will affect your financial well-being.

Basic knowledge of trading and blockchain technologies and the basics of performing payment transactions via cryptocurrency wallets or fiat payment systems will help you start investing with BitQuad faster and easier. If you have any questions about the basic skills described above and other aspects of the website operation, just contact the support service and our specialists will be happy to help you via online chat directly on the website or in any other convenient way.

Furthermore, there is a consulting office for valued customers in London at 4 Hurstwood Road, London, England, NW11 0AT. Requests for a personal appointment are made by email service@bitquad.biz or at the head office reception desk during business hours. Please note that during the COVID19 pandemic, government restrictions may be applied: you can check the current rules for business visits with the support service or with authorized representatives of the company.

4. Security

The company is scrupulous about protecting the platform, personal data, and monetary assets of users at every stage of cooperation: we professionally ensure the security of BitQuad from external threats and denial-of-service attacks. Thanks to a special internal code structure and regular security systems’ updates, the platform is reliably protected from other frauds.

We pay close attention to the privacy of our clients and process only selected personal information necessary for the correct platform operation. This information may include your payment and registration data, cookies to recognize you when you visit the website and for the system to correctly redirect requests and to track the state of the user’s access session, as well as other data. Data transfer between the parties is carried out exclusively using the cryptographic SSL-protocol.

The company does not transfer confidential customer data to third parties.

5. Risks and guarantees

The high-risk nature of Bit Quad Limited activity requires special attention from customers when planning their work on the platform. BitQuad programs allow investors to systematically receive increased returns on their assets in contrast to other profit-making tools, but the possibilities of our investment tactics are accompanied by financial risks. The company does not guarantee the demonstrated profit if unforeseen circumstances take place and is not responsible for the deposited monetary assets.

6. Limitation of actions

The client has been warned that multiple registrations on the platform are strictly prohibited: you can only have one account on BitQuad and it will be enough for full-fledged work on the website.

The user refuses to disclose personal offers suggested during the individual cooperation, and the content of personal conversations with consultants and representatives of the platform, as well as from publishing disapproving materials and critical reviews about BitQuad in social networks, group chats, verbally, or by other means.

Violation of any restrictions specified above will result in the complete blocking of the violator’s account on the platform with a permanent freeze of the deposited funds without the possibility of restoring access to the account.

7. Consideration of claims

If you are not satisfied with the conclusion of the Reconciliation Commission or a conversation with an employee of Bit Quad Limited, please write the claim in free form and send it to email manager@bitquad.biz. Then, we’ll consider the request again with the involvement of an independent expert. The settlement of key disputes is carried out by judicial means provided by the United Kingdom legislation.

8. Changing the agreement conditions

This User agreement may be updated without further notice about planned or completed changes.